What we do

Charlie Friday's in Beautiful Lynton

Our Origin coffee is freshly ground and freshly brewed, including French press single varietals and blends, and a wide range of prepared-to-order espresso-based drinks.

But we’ve got much more than just great coffee. There’s a great selection of Clipper Teas and our hot chocolate varieties are to die for. Why not try a Choccy Awesome, an irresistible , soul-warming creation of hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, a Flake AND Maltesers and is a perfect companion to a generous piece of Happy Cake (a delightful mix of Belgian chocolate, marshmallows, Smarties, Maltesers, biscuit and more chocolate)?

We use free range eggs, locally sourced vegetables, produce, gorgeous, chunky bread and Fred’s homemade chutney. Everything is made with love and wholesome (including organic whenever possible) ingredients from EssentialFor our smaller friends (and smaller appetites) we’ve got tasty snacks including Marmite soldiers and mini size drinks. Of course you can get your food and drinks for takeaway if you’re heading back to work, exploring beautiful Lynton on foot or are the hearty type packing for a mid-winter picnic.

And when it’s cold and rainy outside, snuggle up on the comfy sofa, do a bit of knitting, play cards, have a laugh with Jenga or challenge yourself to finish the devious Meerkat puzzle before closing time! Surf the web with free wifi, read the papers, relax, and just have FUN!